Celinda Smith is an Ohio native, born in a rural town in northeastern Ohio. After moving countless times as a military spouse, she permanently relocated to Memphis with her amazing husband and 2 beautiful daughters, Cora and Scarlet. She loves running FIT4MOM Memphis and helping mamas in Memphis make meaningful connections and reach fitness goals.

Celinda's passion for health and fitness started when she was young. Her favorite day in school was track and field day and she quickly became an avid runner throughout her youth. Her love for health and fitness grew as she began running marathons and participating in triathlons with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. After giving birth to her daughter, Cora, she began to combine her love for fitness with her passion for raising healthy children. She attended her first Stroller Strides class and was hooked. Her favorite thing about Stroller Strides is that it not only provides a challenging workout but also allows moms to connect with one another while bonding with their children. Celinda is also an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and is excited to bring one-on-one personal training for the pre and post-natal mom to Memphis.

The hope and dream of FIT4MOM Memphis is to build a strong community of moms who support one another in motherhood, challenge one another to stay active and teach their children that living a healthy life can be fun.


Hello! My name is Nancy Robertson. I am a mother to two beautiful and energetic children, Evelyn(6) and William(2). I was born and raised in Memphis. Then the day after I got married, I have been on the move. With my husband being in the military, we were never in one location for very long. With six moves in ten years and two kids thrown in the mix, I somehow lost who I was as a person.

I have always been very active. I grew up playing competitive soccer and basketball. I went on many, many runs with my stroller but after having William, I was introduced to Stroller Strides. My dear friend, in San Diego, invited me to join her and her twin boys for a Stroller Strides class. I was immediately hooked! I got an amazing workout, met some fabulous moms, and it was a fun environment for my children. Stroller Strides made such a huge impact on myself and family that I decided I wanted to give back all that it had done for me. I wanted to share my passion for FIT4MOM with other moms. I wanted other moms to know about this amazing support group. I wanted to share this lifestyle of fitness and health with others. I wanted others to know that we as moms have to encourage our children to be healthy and strong individuals. With all of this enthusiasm that I had gained from attending Stroller Strides, I decided to become an instructor for Stroller Strides/Fit4baby.

After instructing for many months, my husband had a career change, which has led us back to Memphis. Before our move, of course, I was looking at schools and homes but, I immediately checked to see if there was a FIT4MOM location. I quickly contacted Celinda and now I am part of this wonderful group of women in Memphis. I was welcomed with open arms and I know that you will be to! I am so excited that I get to continue my passion and instruct at FIT4MOM Memphis!


p: 707.348.2299

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